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Since it’s foundation in 1994, the firm of Robert Louis Williamson - Attorney at Law has been dedicated to the proposition that the most important duty of any lawyer to his client is the duty of trust. Trust is the foundation of the attorney client relationship and, although paramount to the representation of every client, it is a virtue which is sorely lacking in our current legal environment. Legal reforms, scandal, and economic pressures have forced many within the ranks of the legal profession to provide less than adequate services for exorbitant fees. The "profession" of law, previously hallmarked by notable names and respected individuals, has been replaced by the "business" of law, populated by opportunists and charlatans. In such an environment, the road to success is often paved by full page glossy advertising rather than true and trusted reputation and experience. But to those for whom the practice of law is still a noble pursuit worthy of respect, there are still a select few for whom trust remains their paramount concern.

At our firm the hallmarks of good advice and trusted counsel still prevail. We believe that the key to a successful practice is a long history of effective representation worthy of a reasonable fee to which our lengthy list of satisfied clientele is a continuing testament of this principle. Without trust, the attorney client relationship is reduced to little more than a more current version of the traditional snake oil trade and it's participants mere illusions of the credibility they project. Today, more than ever, it is the job of the effective attorney to always put his client's interest first, even ahead of his own, for it is only through that principle that he is able to fulfill the true promise of his profession.

Robert Louis Williamson

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